January 11, 2021

ULTIMATE Galaxy Note 10 Samsung DeX PC Setup

The Galaxy Note 10 Plus with Samsung DeX turns into a PC setup with some cool accessories! Please leave a like, comment and subscribe if you enjoyed the video. Note 10+ skins:

Samsung DeX info:

Note 10+

Viotek LinQ Portable Touch Screen Monitor

Anker PowerCore 10,000 mAh battery


Velcro Command Strips

WizGear Magnetic Phone Car Mount

Gorilla Glue Super Glue

USB C to USB C short

USB C to USB A short

Vinpok Taptek Mechanical RGB Bluetooth Keyboard

Mx Master 2S

Microsoft Surface Headphones

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  • This is not ridiculous. Im literally traveling with only my note 10 and portable monitor. I did forget to bring my Xbox controller though. This is definitely the future of computing.

  • DeX is ok, but def needs some work. Because of the fact I cant use certain apps like youtube tv hulu or Netflix without some 3rd party extension or just completely unusable at all makes dex less useful than a computer. The potential for dex though.. the answer is YES! If DeX would just stop being so sensitive about what works and what doesn't

  • Major
    problems, getting 255b stuff off the 10+ phone Adobe bridge is useless too!

    transfer is 15 hours for 255g and it times out!

    do, I transfer files from note 10+ to windows 10 desktop computer its estimated

    used, Usb-c and Dex and Samsung remote assistance its useless.

    Wi fi file transfer its useless! I used, windows 10  file copy transfer, its useless it timed out!

  • Basically it's like Asus padfones series
    Hmmmm @asus plez rethink your padfone/transformer series back

  • Pretty cool setup 👍👍
    It's a bit overkill for me, but I can definitely see how useful it would be to someone who might have to travel and needs to be able to take their computer with them. You can definitely do better with a Chromebook. For now. If Samsung really pushes their desktop experience forward and continues to develop it and gets app developers to make their apps more DeX friendly, they could actually create a whole new way to compute. Not everyone likes Chromebook, or Chrome OS, Apple, Microsoft, Linux; not everyone wants to carry a full laptop around in addition to having their smartphone as a completely separate entity. With as powerful as phones are now and with how quickly the technology has advanced, there's no reason why those who need to carry their computer around can't get away with just carrying ½ of it in a backpack, or briefcase for that matter, and the rest of it, the actual brain of the system, in their pocket. That's if they do it right, and assuming they don't just shut the whole thing down without giving it a chance. I've noticed that happening a lot… Some comes up with an idea, it gets marketed and makes its way out there among the population, but it isn't successful immediately so the plug gets pulled on the project and the whole thing is scrapped instead of giving it a year or two to really catch on. I use DeX all the time, but for me it's for amusement purposes, not productivity. Instead of having it run on a desktop PC, I just run it through a Baseus docking station on my Smart TV, even though it really isn't geared for that yet. The only reason I say it isnt is because of the font size; the fonts come out super tiny on a TV. It would be nice if the phone had a way of figuring out what it's connected to and auto adjusts the text to fit the screen size.

  • Can you help me? My laptop does not detect my phone, i mean it detects my phone but keeps on disconnecting.

  • Hey, that's anamazing stuff, thanks for that. Have you connected the keyboard & mouse through Bluetooth, is there a way to connect a non-Bluetooth mouse, like normal cordless?

  • Not stupid or ahead of time at all. I use a similar setup myself and in combination with UserLAnd, a brilliant piece of software which allows to run Linux on your android phone, the result is superb.

  • Apple fanboys would mock at DeX because they like to waste $1k on and carry an iPad just for a bigger screen.

  • Hi. May I ask where did you connect the bluetooth keyboard and mouse? Did you directly connect it to your phone or on a monitor?

  • i seem to connect my note 10+ to portable monitor via type c to type c. i have tried a nintendo switch to connect on the portable monitor thru type c to type c with same cable and it works. but my note 10 plua is not. any inputs?

  • Microsoft did this on its Windows Phone back years ago. It worked fairly well though its mobile division sadly never took off.

  • Get a laptop and sit down! Don't buy unnecessary accessories and flaunt your wiring all over the desk. Did you get it?

  • hi, sorry my english but i'm using a translator, i wanted to know if it is possible to connect note 10 plus at the same time to smartwatch, galaxy buds, keyboard and mouse all bluetooth? or are there connection limits? thanks

  • they should make a dual boot phone. you enter in windows when DeX mode, and tô back to Android when disconected from dex

  • I see some people are dam. First they mouning that carrying laptop ,camera,and phone is to much but when you show better way still they not happy. I use dex and hopefully samsung will keep upgrading it or they realize that this is a great tool. Because it is i use it as my main computer at home I don't have to buy anything , except Samsung dex dock the first edition which in my opinion looks best. Every one have another TV today at home small or big, and every one have a mouse and keyboard. All you need is a Samsung compatible phone. So on a future you don't have to upgrade some components in a pc or the whole pc or laptop you change only what you have in your pocket. Yes your mobile pc. And that is the future. Foldable bigger screen plus Samsung dex but wireless stream to the TV,monitor or foldabale screen on the go.

  • You forgot to talk about Amazon Workspaces, where you can seamlessly enable any kind of operating system. Take a look at https://aws.amazon.com/es/workspaces/ and don't forget that in the past this feature was not available in the free tier of AWS.

  • samsung dex on to go, just get tabs 6 tablet. expensive yes, lightweight and portable ohhhh yea and pair with a Bluetooth keyboard and just make sure to carry a portable changer

  • Why not just buy a 2 in 1? Seems like a lot of shit to pull out and setup lol good video though. Just don't see any logic in this setup.

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