November 24, 2020

Samsung Galaxy Note Edge In 2019! (Still Worth It?) (Review)

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The Samsung Galaxy Note Edge came out in 2014, so how does it hold up in 2019? Let’s find out!

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  • I'm still using mine still got 2 more spare batteries from oem. Probably the true flagship before these shitty oneplus devices beside 7 pro

  • I also have this EXACT same phone! The i have question, my phone (galaxy note edge) is not running PUBG or PUBG LITE it crashes in a middle of a match or at the start can you please tell me the problem? It's already at the latest version of the update.

  • my favorite phone ever mayne been takin care of mine for years the design the Ir blaster the screen edge the on top action. I love this phone …

  • Where can I get a new one? I thought they didn't make this anymore and was impossible to find a new one. 🙂

  • I just ordered it. Got the offer for a new note edge with an 32gigs sd card and a case for just 100€. Im really excited to draw with it 🙂

  • This was and still is true edge display alongside s7 edge and s6 edge…..

    Those shiny bezels of s6 edge and s7 edge…

  • To me, I think the Note Edge is the Note 5, the Note 5 is the Note 6 and you know, the Note FE is more of a Note 7 Lite, cause it’s got a smaller battery, and the Note 7 (RIP) is just a Note 7 and so on.

  • Does anyone else have a lot of lag when just surfing the web or browsing amazon or eBay? Sometimes it takes literally a minute or two after hitting search to be able to do anything

  • Watching this on my 4yr old + note edge hehehe it's me saying goodbye cause I'm changing phone soon

    I really don't have a problem with it until now other than the battery (the reason I'm changing)

    I could buy a battery but it's one of those moment where you'd just say "it's time" you know, specially if you have the means o7

  • I loved my note edge but bricked it during the root process. I finally got it back on the stock rom and will attempt to get a custom rom again.

  • Hey, Simple Alpaca, I suggest you two high-performance games you can play besides Real Racing 3: Asphalt 9 and Call of Duty.

  • I have one has a backup, still a ok phone to use, only downside i have found is the apps are alot bigger and fill the 32gb internal storage, even with my 32gb sd card, doesnt really help. Your right, this unit is still usable in 2019.

    Great review…👍

  • I'm watching this video from that phone.
    On this phone, you dont receive calls immediately and a lot of files are harmful to this device. And it lags here and there. It is REALLY durable though. Good otherwise.

  • This phone is a pretty beautiful , I have one those and I still love it , but the only problem with this is the battery live.
    Anyway if you trying one of those you going to love it even if the phone is to old .

  • I still got mine and it work just fine, problem is it has a crack on the screen and I cannot find a replacement for the screen

  • the greatest phone! I just don't know why did you remember him again??? 5 years old…. but still I found its design is just perfect

  • I held onto my note edge for the longest time and was waiting for another true edge phone like this. Dropped it and got a Note 9. I was gonna upgrade to the note 7 but we know how that all went. My insurance gave me a new note edge and gave it to my father, he loves it and stopped using his A8 lol.

  • Bought my Note Edge when they first came out and it's still working GREAT!! I'm into hiking and love that I can carry a second battery and just swap it out when it dies.

  • hello ladies and gentlemen to be honest I still have mine note Edge to me this is the best phone they ever come out with don't get me wrong ladies and gentlemen there are some good phones out here today but this is a good phone

  • This is the first and last phone with everything. Its been unbeatable since its release. The IR blaster is sooo useful. I'd love to see people hack the UV sensor on it, maybe make it a sort of UV camera?

  • brought this phone back in 2015(700$) because of its distinct qualities which never failed to outcast its competitors, but one fine day after 2 years of very simple and careful usage its motherboard suddenly got crashed without any valid reason at all,then i got it checked from an authorised service center, the motherboard alone coasted 220$, so i decided to just let it pass and not to get it repaired, even their technician advised me the same because of the poor quality and risk, there after i never brought an android and never will, at least the iphones lasts long and maintains its value for a decent period of time, even now a days(2019) i found people using iphones they brought back in 2011-12 working just fine, and when i searched for reviews online i found that several other samsung users faced the same problem, now that 700$ piece of junk is resting in my desk as some sort of artifact which i use to show to others people as a lesson of bad investment (very)

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