October 26, 2020

Samsung DeX On Windows Review – Note 10 Plus

Samsung has released the DeX app for Windows and Mac OSX but.. as of making this video it only works with the Galaxy Note 10 and Note 10 Plus +, So in this video I take a look at DEX on Windows using the Note 10 + to see how it performs with everyday tasks like video playback native android Gaming like Fortnite, Emulation and I also run a few benchmarks.

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Raspberry Pi 3 B Plus:
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  • The icons on my Dex is very small. Even the fronts in MS words are small with no option to get them larger, can someone help me with this please

  • i have a question for whoever can answer it. can you use a chromebook or another $200 computer like this one, and use the note 10 with dex and be running internet on that comp while in the car or on a plane etc. ? it seems like since the data is coming from the phone, then there shouldnt be an issue. Just trying to figure a way to get data to a computer from phone while traveling. dont want to have to have a data plan for a computer.

  • Uggghhh
    I got a good news from this video?but maybe it will be helpful for the user of SDeX(Samsung DeX) on PC

    What you have said "it its only supported by a Galaxy Note10, and Galaxy Note10+" but maybe it is supported by more models like Galaxy S10, Galaxy S10 5G, Galaxy S10+, Galaxy S10e, and Galaxy Fold

    what do you think it is helpful?

    Source: Official SDeX FAQ Page

  • I have the Note 10 Plus. I was told I cannot link it to a Laptop Computer with Dex. But that is exactly what you have done. Can I use Surface Pro 7 with it linking up with USB C on phone to HDMI in the Surface Pro?

  • Does the phone heat up? The cable is cheaper then the dex station so I guess my question is : Is the little fan on the dex station worth it?

  • Can I ask, I have tried this with Huawei phone with the desktop mode. Will really love to here your thoughts on this.

  • Thanks for the video. I'm curious if you disable wifi on the laptop and the phone will Dex on PC still run on the laptoip and utilize the phones LTE data to do your work and access the internet normally? I'm having trouble finding an answer before I upgrade to the Note 10+. Cheers.

  • do you think your fps is limited by the cheap laptop, meaning maybe it will get better FPS on a higher end laptop?

  • I have a question! In the Note10's box we can find only a cable with two USB-c plugs. So in order to connect this phone to PC we need to buy USB to USB-c cable or USB-USB and use an adaptor to USB-c included in the box also… Am I correct?

  • so is the PC basically using the phone as the OS driver ( dex in that case ) and constantly syncing to and from it and using its own processor instead of the phone ?

  • DeX does 3440×1440 via USB-C (or HDMI), but what about via DeX on Windows? What if you have a 4K screen? Does it work at 4K?

  • What about touch-screen laptops? Can't you use DeX on Windows + PC touchscreen = play Android games?

  • Hello, all. May i ask you what is the dex adapter shown in the video and if it is possible to give me some suggestions for different dex adapters? Thank you!

  • This is an easy way for people to test if Dex and the Galaxy Tab S6 are for them. Hopefully it comes to the S10 too. Although USB hubs are reasonably priced.

  • Used dex only for 2 months while overseas. Since I don't play games the only feature from windows that I really missed was chrome's adblock. Samsung internet has it too but it's way inferior to the chrome extension imo.

  • Samsung DeX currently only supports Display Resolution FHD (1920×1440) while WQHD (2560×1440) will show grayed out. Expect Low quality goodness on your 4k TV until they likely make a Note10 version DeX pad to buy.

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