October 27, 2020

Elon Musk Not Backing Down In Standoff Over Reopening Tesla Factory | TODAY

The tense battle between Elon Musk and local health officials over the reopening of Musk’s Tesla factory in California is continuing, but both sides are moving closer to an agreement. NBC’s Joe Fryer reports for TODAY from Los Angeles.
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Elon Musk Not Backing Down In Standoff Over Reopening Tesla Factory | TODAY

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  • Fox News wants you to go back back to work, but they are extending staff quarantine for thirty more days?

  • God can we stop saying strike a deal make a deal all this trump lingo is getting on my nerves. We never talked like this before him so why are we doing it now.

  • I mean, this virus is not going away. The economy is going to have to open sometime. Until there is a vaccine staying at home only buys time. It is not a solution.

  • Elon literally said if people didn’t feel safe they didn’t have to work. I’m not sure what he’s complaining about. You don’t work, you don’t get paid. You’ve been given masks that help to lower your chances of getting sick. “Profit over people” shut up man the essentials can make the same argument dealing with others all day. Talk to me about them instead of crying about your life.

  • If Elon isn't willing to be on the front lines with these people, he can stuff it – stand strong ppl and don't be a bootlicker.

  • Labor needs to wake up people like Musk thinks labor is fodder to use and its easy American desperation and ignorance..
    Tax cut and bail out for Musk and for labor ziltch…USA you are royally screwed…and you are doing it to yourselves.

  • This guy is complaining about how he feels like hes sharing the same air as someone else. And not able to social distance, ok what about all the essential workers at fast food restaurants? Yea they aren't in social distance range but they still go to work. pretty sure this guy was paid by the news to say he didn't feel safe working at tesla

  • Way to go TODAY! Twist the video right into him NOT paying his employees if they don't come back to work! Nice subtle "Evil Capitalist" Hit piece.

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