November 24, 2020

DIY Lined Paper for Bookbinding | Sea Lemon

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In this video, I’ll show you a few ways to make your own lined paper for bookbinding!

Methods include:

• Graphics editing program (ex. Adobe Illustrator) & printer

• Word/text editor (ex. Text Edit) & printer

• Free online graph paper generator & printer

– (note: It does print with a subtle water mark unless you enlarge it so the printer cuts it off.)

• Copy machine or print service

I used 8.5 x 11″ paper throughout this video, but you can apply these methods to any paper size your printer allows. The printer I use is a Canon Pro9000 Mark II.


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  • Great vid! This actually came up for me so I made a two big text blocks side by side and set a landscape orientation then made lines in the text blocks using the dash for all of the lines except I used the plus for the top line at the top. I set margins and no header. This way I got no lines in between the text blocks which is where the papers got folded and stitched to the book spine. The dashes and pluses were small enough to give it a custom look. It took awhile to make the first few lines just holding the key down for repeated dashes or plusses but then I copied a bunch of lines and pasted them until lines filled the text block. To make it even more awesome, I left big enough outside margins to tear the edges off to simulate a deckle edge which we all luv, right? Next time I will just make one text block first and then copy it completely and position the 2nd one beside the first one.

  • You could also use dotted paper, which would make it so you can fold the paper, rotated it, and cut it however you like.

  • I've used Composition notebooks, but they aren't always consent in size or hole punch so it can be a little tough.

  • I'm sorry to ask this (yes pretty stupid but yeah) How do you make lined papers for book binding. I mean the back to back concept and folding. Whenever I print lined papers, its always centered on the paper

  • Thank u so so so much mam ur DIY s are like lifelines to me❤..Im gonna try out making a book which includes my paintings.

  • Another really easy way to do this is open a google doc and go to insert and click horizontal line and repeat this. The space between the lines is large so to make it smaller just click in between the lines and click backspace. You can set it to have no margins just with the little tabs underneath the editing bar. Just make sure you make it landscape format if you are making a journal. To get ride of the header at the top and to make it landscape you go to file then page set up. Set all the margins to zero and click landscape for format. Hope this helped!!

  • OR you can take already lined paper that already has holes in it and ignore the holes. Then just double fan bind them to a cover of your choice. I'm working on my third journal using this method now. I started with a dollar store journal, took out the wire binding (because it was far too modern looking for the design), tea stained the lined paper, added in some custom pocket pages on non-lined paper, converted dollar store cover into faux leather cover with curved spine, and then double fan bound all the pages to some cloth, and finally attached the cloth backed papges to the redesigned cover. I should have a video up soon on the process.

  • Gridzzly looks perfect. But I cannot get anything but blank paper to come out of my printer. It's a Canon. Anyone else have this problem?

  • Not the most financially fiscal, but Hollander's sells lined text blocks. I haven't tried this yet, but you could also buy composition notebooks, like the ones with the softcovers from Staples. At the back page if you bend the cover back you see where block is sewn into the cover. if you just pull hard enough or snip the thread, you have a textblock there.

  • Excel is easier than Word to make lines and grids, especiall if you are at work and are allowed to use the large printer to print on legal or 11×17 paper.

  • in my country there are some signatures that come with 5 pages, all of them bigger than letter, with lines or squares, I don't know how it's called in the US but we call it something like exam paper, I hope this works

  • I use composition books, take out the signature carefully by cutting the threads in the middle, and then the resulting papers with a little trimming, are the right size for my 6×9 sized journals. Also I discovered Walmart has a good grade of composition paper in their books for 88cents, avoid the dollar store books because I have found the paper to be too thin. =)

  • if I want to use my old notebooks lined single papers to make a notebook without glue.Can you suggest me some ways.the Japanese one is not so good.

  • I just found these, which might be cheaper in the long run since printer ink can get expensive:

  • I used the website to make some paper with black patterns and then cut out the size I needed. Now I use it in my bullet journal(which has blank pages) whenever I need to write straight, which is otherwise quite a challenge for me.
    The book only came with one small sheet of lined paper for this purpose, which isn't even large enough.

  • what technique could I use to keep it straight when cutting the notebook block? I tried cutting them but there's always this part that's not straight. Been struggling. 😣😣

  • I am someone with a really bad printer, and I have come to find that if I want lined paper I can use paper from stapled exercise books (notebooks). Hope that helps some people!! ☺️☺️

  • You saved my life. I'm new to creating printables and was hired by a friend to design a notebook. Thank You for your tips.

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